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Safety Dragons Workplace Consultants is pleased to offer a comprehensive

Written Safety Program and web-based Safety Training to help you:


  1. Stay compliant using programs, policies and training required by OSHA.

  2. Reduce the number and severity of work-related injuries and illnesses by providing guidelines on safe work practices. Helping you control your costs.

  3. Improve employee morale, productivity and engagement from the engagement and example of Leadership commitment.


Our safety subscription package provides a comprehensive program in today’s language.  The  initial training covers the  Written Safety Program, which includes Hazardous Communication Program, Facility Emergency Action Plan, Pandemic Plan and policies are broken into three on-boarding training sessions.  



Monthly training covers essential OSHA topics.  These 20-30 minute trainings are designed to efficiently and effectively train your employees, relieve the burden of creating training material and implementing the training.  The monthly training is offered on-line for a 30 day period.  Training records and quizzes are shared with the assigned supervisor and that person is responsible for complete accurate record keeping and record retention.


Written Program Overview:

      Written Safety Program (including a Corporate Safety Policy)

      Customized Hazardous Communication Program

      Customized Facility Emergency Action Plan

      Pandemic Response Plan (General)

      Heat Illness Prevention Program


Best Practice Policies:

       PPE Policy

      Company Vehicle Use and Safe Driving  Policy

      Cylinder Handling Policy

      Accident/Incident/Injury Policy/ Near Miss Policy

      Cell Phone and other Electronic Equipment Policy

      Tobacco use Policy

Other Benefits:      

Support with governmental agency audits and inspections- through call, text and email

Review and advise with governmental agency response letters

Annual joint review of program and policies

Q&A response - via call, text and email

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