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Our Mission & Values

Minimize risk, maximize profitability

Our Mission

At Safety Dragons Workplace Consultants, we are committed to improving safety and regulatory compliance performance to minimize risk and maximize profitability for independent gases and welding distributors through:

Training programs that are simple and effective

Increasing control of workplace accidents, injury costs and decreasing Worker’s Compensation experience modification rate

Achieving increased compliance with OSHA, EPA and DHS regulations through training, audits and corrective actions where necessary


Demystifying the regulations using everyday language that is simple to understand and



Our Values

We believe a strong safety culture increases profitability by minimizing the direct and indirect costs of accidents and injuries.


We believe compliance with OSHA, EPA and DHS regulations does not need to be onerous and complicated.


We believe that business owners truly care about their employees; and we can partner to make a positive difference through continuous improvement of safety and compliance programs.


We believe that independent gases and welding distributors can achieve world-class safety performance with the proper systems, training and tools.

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