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We eat, drink and sleep safety

National Reach, Local Touch

Safety Dragons Workplace Consultants, LLC is a national firm that specializes in developing and implementing workplace safety, homeland security and environmental protection programs that enhance our clients' productivity and profitability.



Safety Dragons was established in 2019 by Marilyn Dempsey, a safety and regulatory compliance professional with over 25 years of experience in the gas manufacturing and welding supply distribution industry. 

Known affectionately as 'The Dragon Lady' (hence the company name), Marilyn earned admiration and respect by championing the importance of instilling a strong safety culture and the hazardous and costly consequences of failing to do so. 

Meet Marilyn Dempsey

Her warm personality and proven expertise have made her a popular speaker at industry trade shows and a regular GAWDA contributor.

Marilyn's passion and commitment to workplace safety led her to the next logical step in her accomplished career – launching her own firm, reaching independent gases & welding distributors throughout the country and beyond – Safety Dragons Workplace Consultants.

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